Performing Arts Day Camp for Creative Kids

Non-competitive, process and learning-oriented program in a small, friendly community,
perfect for parents looking to find a creative escape from an increasingly digital world. 

‘Learning to tell the story well.’  

Hosted by Opera Theater Friends Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Studies show that children who attend a performing arts camp come away with social and intellectual development, higher school motivation, and better self-esteem. Campers learn to connect with each other, resulting in improved social interactions.  The theater is a safe place to play, free of judgment, where all that matters is understanding and empathy for the characters depicted in the story, their circumstances, as well as developing understanding for fellow collaborators.

During the Theater Experience Camp, campers will have the opportunity to be introduced to or expand their skills in the world of theater. They will be assigned to different day and time tracks ranging from classes designed for younger campers who don’t have theater experience to advanced classes geared toward older campers who have studied or performed in a theater production.

Just some of the skills that will be acquired during the theater camp:

  • Collaboration – Learning to work together to deliver an end result and support each other during the process.
  • Creativity and Imagination –  Working in the arts allows campers to explore different roles, try on different personalities, interprey roles from alternate perspectives, and open their minds to endless possibilities.
  • Self Confidence –  For youth who may feel lost in the social aspects of school during the year, the experience of being an essential part of a team can  raise self-esteem. Being able to make mistakes and learning that even if you flub a line or trip on stage you can continue without repercussions teaches young performers that perseverance breeds success.
  • Accountability –  Campers quickly learn they are accountable to a team of peers. If one person doesn’t pull their weight, the performance suffers.
  • Concentration –  Learning to listen to others, taking direction, and the need to play off another person helps develop focus and the need to listen for a cue requires concentration.
  • Communication –  Students learn to express themselves through character, story development, movement, and dialogue.


Campers, ages 9 to 15 – July 26 through 28    $50.00

The course will prepare young actors for stage production. Students will be taught by working theater professionals on topics including, but not limited to acting, blocking and stage positions, movement, voice, character development and acting styles.  There will also be lessons on auditioning, costuming, make up, and set design.  Each day will end with a rehearsal for the end-of-camp show which will be performed on Thursday evening for family, friends, and the public.  This special production will be built from skills campers learned in their classes.  Camp Directors Kurtis Workman, Dana Facer, and Melissa Cortes have more than  70+ years’ experience teaching and working in theater.

Meet our instructors and find out how the sessions are structured.

Discounts available for multiple campers from the same family – contact Dorothy at for details.

Theater Camp is Sold out for 2022