Mother’s Day Tea

A mom holds it together. Some days with tape and glue and safety pins, but she holds it together. —Keely Chace

Sometimes it’s the little things that you’re really thankful for in life. You know, like Mom not selling you to the circus.

Any mother could perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers with ease.

Sweater—something you wear when your mother gets cold.

Motherhood: the most underrated superpower, where you save the world daily while being completely sleep-deprived!

In celebration of wives, moms, and grandma’s everywhere, our program will be presented after a special tea party. It will be an afternoon filled with skits and “mom-isms” that will have you rolling with laughter! Our comics will share some of their favorite stories about surviving motherhood! Admit it – we all could use a dose of laughter and humor to celebrate ourselves and the amazing moms in our lives. From the everyday chaos to the unexpected surprises, our show will remind you that motherhood is filled with moments that are both challenging and hilarious.

So, this Mother’s Day, let’s not only show our appreciation for all that moms do but also share a good laugh. After all, laughter is truly the best gift we can give or receive.

Cheers to all the incredible moms out there!

Saturday/Sunday May 11 & 12

High Tea – Reservations Closed  $25.00: doors open at 3PM performance begins at 3:45PM

Show-only  $12.00: doors open at 3:30PM performance begins at 3:45PM

Will you join us for tea + the show or for the show-only?

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