The Play Season Begins! Enjoy an Evening With Sherlock

‘My name is Sherlock Holmes.  It is my business to know what other people don’t know.’

Sherlock Holmes is a character so famous that his name is more well-known than the author who created him, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes and the detective novels and short stories that feature him are over one hundred years old, yet this fictional detective character remains an important and well-loved figure in pop culture. For the most part, we know about Sherlock Holmes through his companion Watson. While Watson does have his criticisms of Holmes and his strange behaviors, overall our narrator is fascinated by his friend’s amazingly intelligent and capabilities.  Because he’s relatable, Sherlock Holmes remains the most popular out of all of the fictional detectives

 Each of the 6 performances will feature 2 short stories.


The Red-Headed League:

 Jabez Wilson is a pawnbroker whose store is located on Coburg Square next to a bank. He consults Holmes about the “League of Red-Headed Men.” He had been told by his employee, Vincent Spaulding, that it is a group established by a red-headed American millionaire, now dead, who had left a large amount of money for men with such hair color.  The story is a quintessential “fair-play” mystery, in which readers know all the relevant clues at the same time that the detective does and therefore should theoretically be able to solve the crime on their own.

A Scandal in Bohemia: 

Sherlock’s guest initially introduces himself as Count von Kramm, then reveals himself as Wilhelm Gottsreich, the hereditary King of Bohemia, after Holmes deduces his true identity. The King explains that, five years earlier, he engaged in a secret relationship with American opera singer Irene Adler, who has since retired and now lives in London. He is set to marry a young Scandinavian princess but worries that her strictly principled family will call the marriage off should they learn of this impropriety.

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