Mom Power

A mom holds it together. Some days with tape and glue and safety pins, but she holds it together. —Keely Chace

The play will speak to us through the lives of four women. Each is at a different phase of their life and a different stage of being a mom. The play reminds us of the resilience and courage needed during  the journey.  We will see relatable examples of moms showing their unique energy, patience and ‘power’.  In celebration of wives, moms, and grandma’s everywhere, the play will be presented at a Saturday matinee, a Saturday evening dinner show and a Sunday tea.

Saturday May 13

Matinee,  $8.00: doors open at 1PM performance begins at 1:30PM

Light dinner/show $25.00: doors open at 6PM  (reservations required)

Show-only $10.00: doors open at 7:00PM performance begins at 7:30PM

Sunday May 13

High Tea,  $25.00: doors open at 3PM performance begins at 3:30PM

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