June 8 through July 13, 2024

“I’m very much of the opinion that theatre is a collective art form, not just one person’s vision. –Marianne Elliott

Get ready for a melodrama comedy of international proportions, directed by Jerico Martin. 

Ivory Keyes is a sharp-tongued, shoot-from-the-hip piano player from Calamity Gulch. When Ivory learns that her uncle, Lord Ebony Keyes, has died, she and Sheriff Prettyfoot travel to England to claim the inheritance. The family solicitor, Basil Q. Wainscoting, Esquire, plots to keep the estate to himself by proving Ivory to be “unvirtuous.” His plans are foiled when his handsome nephew, Heathcliff, a poet, falls instead for pretty secretary, Paisley Fairfax. Before too long, a storm is raging outside and a murder has been committed inside. Everyone has their own ideas as to “who-dun-it.” Was it the butler? Or the mysterious lady in black? Even Ivory herself is a suspect! Can Sheriff Prettyfoot solve the crime and clear Ivory’s name? Will Paisley find true love – and her true identity? Will Heath ever find a rhyme for “purple”?


Cheerio Y’all will be onstage

Friday and Saturday evenings from June 8 through July 13.

Dinner seating at 6PM – pricing, see below
Show-only seating at 7:00PM – Tickets $12.00
Show begins at 7:30PM