April 19 & 20, 2024

A theater director interprets the work of a playwright. The challenge is in encouraging the director to lose their fear of getting it wrong.

Get ready for a old-fashioned melodrama, directed by Adam Morrison. 

Bunco DeSneer (slicker than lard on hot cornbread) is salting the Spenawampum Mine in Gopher Gap with fake minerals.  He hopes to snare rich Easterners looking for a good investment.  He’s aided in his dirty work by Flora Fourflusher, a phony assayer, and Slats, a empty-headed stagecoach driver.  The other full-time resident is Crazy Nanette, whose only child disappeared years ago when she left it in a nice cool spot…  under an ice wagon.  When the city-slickers show up , Bunco wastes no time in fleecing them.  But wait!  Two unexpected visitors arrive:  Rocky Romantic, a mountain man and ’wilderness poet,’ and Verlinda Springblossom, a beauty.  She’s inherited the town from a distant relative, Piute Pete.  Verlinda doesn’t believe in ’robbing the earth,’ so she intends to close down the mine and open a hummingbird sanctuary. 

The Ballad of Gopher Gap is a special presentation and

FREE for students and residents with Glenns Ferry school Activity or Season Pass card.

 FRIDAY, April 19 –  Doors open for seating at 7:00PM
Show begins at 7:30PM

SATURDAY, April 20 – Doors open for seating at 1:00PM
Show begins at 1:30PM

Tickets for non-Glenns Ferry school guests $6.00