Live Christmas Play

Christmas Carol was penned by a 31 year old Charles Dickens.  The visual adaptions, based on the 1843 novella, started on-stage just after the 1900s began, with even more public readings and radio adaptions. And although he didn’t realize it then, this versatile writer, who yearned all his life to be a great actor, had penned an enduring masterpiece.

Since its publication, the story has never been out of print and has been adapted for stage productions, operas, radio broadcasts, film versions and loosely based (or inspired by) tv show adaptations.  So, how many versions are there – the latest account is 136!

Our play is adaptation 137-ish of Scrooge’s story by Kurtis Workman. Scrooge, a mean-spirited and selfish old man, hates Christmas – a product of a past filled with self-centered decisions based on greed. Four Spirits attempt to humanize Scrooge by  teaching him about regret, sympathy and generosity with the Cratchit family and Tiny Tim becoming a chance to redeem himself. Our telling of the story is about squndered time leading to the realization that change can create a different future. A holiday tradition that you will not want to miss. 


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